Reflection: What in Nature Are You Thankful For?

On Friday, November, 20, 2020 we all went hiking at the National Colonial Farm. We were able to see heritage breed of animals, replicas of colonial housing, a colonial garden and to learn about plantlife. The farm is located along the Potomac River and we also got a chance to hike along the river. Below are some of the reflections students had about the experience and what they are thankful for in this adventure into nature.

Destin: “I am thankful for the water that we saw at the Colonial Farm.”

Marcus: “I am thankful for the trails and the scenery.”

Dillon: “I am thankful for all the green grass and the trees.”

Josiah: “I am thankful for the animals.”

DJ: “I am thankful for the beautiful outdoors and nature itself.”

Elyse: “I am thankful for the trails and the trees.”

Amira: “I am thankful for the plants and learning about all the different plants.”

Vance: “I am thankful that we saw the chickens and bulls. “

Khalil: “I am thankful for the animals.”

Ms. Anika: “I am thankful for the Potomac River and that we got to walk along it. “

Ms. DeShield: “I am thankful to just be out in fresh air.”

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